Making Sub Rolls out of Pizza Dough????

So many of my customers love my garlic and herb breadsticks and also my garlic/herb/cheese breadsticks (which is just my pizza dough with a garlic herb spread. I have been having trouble getting a stable bakery to make 6" & 12" sub rolls. My steady customers suggested that I just make my rolls out of the pizza dough.

Has anyone tried this or do I need a completely different bread recipe? Will it need extra proofing and can I use my conveyor oven?

Actually any hints would be great.

Tom has posted about this in the past. If you double your yeast, it proofs faster.

Roll out your dough (sheeter or whatever). Roll the dough up like a jelly roll, tuck the two ends under and the “seam” should be at the bottom. Cut one or more slits in the top of the roll. Let rise for about 2 hours. Spray with water, run through oven.

Be careful, some conveyors aren’t going to like sub rolls due to the height.

Your pizza dough can be used to make a fairly decent sub roll, but if you were to add 7% fat (oil or shortening) to the dough formula, you would have a classical sub roll formula. All you will need to do is to mix the dough about 4 minutes longer than you mix your pizza dough (sub roll doughs require more gluten development), your finished dough temperature should be about 80F, then divide into pieces and form into balls, place on sheet pans with a bit of dusting flour to prevent sticking, dust the tops of the dough balls with flour and cover with a sheet of plastic to prevent drying. Allow the dough balls to rest for about 15 to 20 minutes, then run through the sheeter and sheet out each dough piece to about 3/16-inch thick. Roll (like a jelly roll), then rol the formed dough piece under your handa to elongate to about 7-inches, place onto parchment paper lined sheet pans, or perforated screen pans and allow to proof for about 45 minutes, make a few (three or four) French cuts diagionally across the top of each roll, spray the rolls with water then you will need to bake at about 400F in your air impingement oven. The baking time will be about 8 minutes. This is all fine if you can fit it in when you are not making pizzas, but there is no way that it can be integrated into your regular pizza production. Many shops will buy par-baked sub rolls and finish them off in the store. I think you might be able to do this right along with your regular pizza production. Then you will be making your subs on a fresh tasting, hot sub roll that just came out of your oven. The best part is that you don’t have allof the fuss of making them.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks for remembering the oven height. I completely forgot about that. In all probability you will at least need to raise the end gates of your oven to allow the rolls to enter and exit the oven.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks guys. I have the weekend free so I will play around with increasing yeast and also increasing oil. Its all experimentation and thats part of the fun.

Appreciate the help.

Donald feel like giving up your recipe for those bread sticks???thanks Bill