Malted Milk

Sorry if this belongs in the dough doctor category… but I’m curious if anybody has ever used Malted Milk Powder in their dough? I know a lot of people use malts in their dough, and I’ve also heard of people using powdered milk too. So why not use Malted Milk? First ingredient is wheat flour and malted barley. So why not?

I know there are tons of threads about Diastatic Malt and its benefits. I’m not trying to get into the super in depth conversation about diastatic vs non-diastatic and starches/sugars. Just curious if anybody uses it, or has tried to use it? Does it affect the flavor? Recommend or not?

The flavor obtained from adding malted milk powder (a blend of non-diastatic malted barley, wheat flour and evaporated milk) is essentially the same as that obtained from using just non-diastatic malt powder, but at a greater cost. If you use it be sure to suspend it in the dough water before adding any other ingredients. The obtain flavor at the same level as non-diastatic malt powder you will need to use significantly more of the malted milk powder and you will get more crust color at the same time too due to the presence of evaporated milk in the malted milk powder.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor