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I’m not sure if this is good or bad for the indies. They are ensuring that the customer’s order is correct (since the customer submits it), but the personal service is gone.

My “concept” store isn’t competition with the big guys. I’d want a comparison of my pizza to the big guys as a comparison between a burger at Outback and a burder at McDonalds – simply not in the same league.

Just 2 points I’d make:

  1. Just because they key it in doesn’t mean its correct - the number of people who will argue for hours that they never selected xyz or that ‘this wasn’t the price’ or where’s my xyz that I ordered’. But overall its can offer a huge saving on time and in my experience people spend much more on line.

  2. People want different things - just because ‘you’ think people want ‘personal service’ doesn’t mean they all actually do want it. My wife won’t ring the local Chinese take away - she goes without if I not there - just doesn’t want to do it - so unless its a day when I’m home and she wants a Chinese then she doesn’t get one even if she really wants one - they lose out. Not everyone will want to order online - not every one will want to order on the phone - not every one will come and collect and not everyone will order delivery (we’ve all seen the guy who travels from the furthest part of the delivery area to collect and drives back with the pizza on his front seat (no bag) for the same price as we could have delivered.

I try and offer my customers as much choice in ways to orders and offers as I do variety of pizza.

Exactly, and I’m hearing impaired, so I do not like to talk on the phone at all. My right ear is still decent, but with background noise on the other end…yikes!

I respect that different people want different things. However, I should note that my concept does not entail delivery. The phone calls would be a minimal amount anyway. The amount of redundancy required to ensure that an order didn’t get lost would certainly take some programming. Plus if the user clicked twice or got a 404 error, you could end up with dupes or nothing – and I ASSURE you it’s not the user’s fault.

oh come on - ‘The amount of redundancy required to ensure that an order didn’t get lost would certainly take some programming’ how many business out there (include or excluding pizza businesses) have successful online businesses - how many times have your ordered through the internet and got twice the order or nothing!! A good solid online platform is ralatively easy to achieve to state otherwise is pure nonsense.

A good online provider will help you and there are some easy ways to ensure that you don’t click twice and get it twice. I have a successful online system and the ‘problems’ I talk about are usually customer based things like - I the price is totally different (as they didn’t read the offer). Sure I also get ones where the order may go astray normally when one is entered at exactly the same time as one is entered in the store - BUT we can spot these and its only the same as someone taking and order and cancelling it by mistake.

Online business is a big part of my business maybe it will work for you and maybe it won’t but I assure you its very little to do with ‘personal service’.

This sounds like a good way to take corporate orders. A lot of people getting one pizza may make it confusing if they’re coming in at the same time (dinner rush), but writing down a long order in a busy store is a pain. Something like this should help.

A solid online platform where someone else handles the orders and ships them to you is relatively easy to achieve. Putting forth the hardware to host all of that yourself, with 99.999% uptime is NOT relatively easy. I doubt that PJs uses some “off the shelf” product or third-party “order taker”.