Management Advice Needed...Dealing With "Shunned"

Well, in the last few days, it has kind of turned into “The Apprentice, Papa John’s Style” over at the shop.

It seems that there are 3 other people wanting the job I am being handed, and I’ve been there the least of all of them.

It started the other day when one of the guys came up and asked me “so, are you getting the shift leader/runner position”?

I have not been told I am or am not at liberty to discuss it, but I always assume, being it’s not been announced, that it’s confidential, so I told him “not that I know of” and then told both of my managers (the owner/op and the asst. manager) what I said should any other form of that come back to them.

Tonight, the same individual, who currently is a driver, was being loud and arrogant and trying to usurp me on every stinking little thing I did.

For instance…I use a funnel to put our garlic sauce in our bottle to pour on the cheesesticks. He comes behind me (I was in the back on the cutting board) and starts screeching “don’t use the funnel, do it this way”, rips (not an exaggeration) the garlic bottle out of my hand, and does it, and I walk off and throw the funnel back up where it was.

He says “well, I don’t want to do extra dishes for something that simple” and I told him, well, I always clean up after myself, and you know that, and I never see you doing the dishes back here anyway…and then, another driver grabbed the oven because it started getting backed up, and she started yelling “HELP” so I dart over there, and as soon as he sees me, he butts in, rips the peel out of my hand and starts pulling the pies out of the oven…and of course, gets them mixed up, so I had to be the brain in guiding the pies to the right box.

My manager saw that one…and he said he’d be talking to him tonight.

But, after this long story…once I am “official”…he is one of those that will probably keep trying to usurp my authority, so I am curious what you guys have done, if you’ve experienced this type of behavior, that made things easier and productive for everyone.

I don’t want to come in and be a “b”, but sometimes, with certain people, you have to be, and until this…he was loud, but normally nice to me.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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when line employees are appointed to supervisory positions, some garbage may/will fall, as you’ve begun to experience…talk w/your mgrs & define what your responsibilities are & do they include the option of sending a staff member home if a “challenge” occurs…

there will have 3 b a line drawn in the sand & when the 1st crosses it, stand tall or you will be redrawing that line again & again…once the staff realizes you have mgmt approval for your actions, your job/mgmt style will grow…

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Once it becomes official, it is time to have a talk. Just like any mgt position, if you have a problem, you need to address it. If he was a good person/worker before, tell him that is what you still expect. Show respect and hopefully you get it back…if not, make sure he knows the consequences.

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Stay calm and do your job. Dot it well.

Maintain respect in communcations with everyone. Do not have conversations with more than one person at a time about these issues. Conversations with the employee or with the manager are fine as long as they are respectful and to the point. Conversations with others are out of bounds.

It is your manager’s responsibility to clarify roles and positions. It is also the manager’s responsibility to eliminate problems.

If the manager can not or will not get this issue in line, make getting rid of the problem employee a condition of accepting the position.

Over the years I have had numerous occasions where the crew made it plain that they wanted a particular co-worker gone. In the end it is my job to create and maintain a happy crew and working environment. When the rest of the crew wants someone gone, they are gone.

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Pull the guy aside and talk to him. I always encourage my staff to try to work out their problems. Also talk to managment and let them know what the problems are and that you have talked to him. They cant fix the problem if they dont know about it. That should give them a heads up so they will watch for things.This guy is out of line and needs to be staightened out. It doesnt matter who is going to be getting the position even if it is you there needs to be respect for each other.

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it is a pride problem ,this person showed that he is not qualified to be in a manger position doing what he did to you , i guess that is why they did not promot him even though he was there longer
when you take that position the manger should make it clear to the rest that you are in charge.

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Sugar in the gas tank.

Just kidding.

What do you want to get from this “promotion”?

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as owner, when the drama gets like that, I “86” them…

I did not know the term, and this being partly the wild west, learned it in the local bars…when someone is “86’ed” they must leave and cannot come back, usually for being deemed too disrupted, too much drama

so, when I say “your’e 86’ed” they know what it means and do not come back

…does anybody know where this term comes. they sure know what it means here and seems to carry some authority.
better than firing them and keeps them from coming back…some people are just too rude to work with, in my humble opinion,

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Here’s one explanation:

The term derives via a roundabout route from a number code allegedly in wide use in 1920s diners and soda fountains. 86 supposedly meant, “We’re all out of the item ordered,” said by the cook or some other honcho to a soda jerk or similar minion.

Why 86 and not, say, the square root of 2? The most plausible explanation I’ve heard is that 86 is rhyming slang for “nix.”

By extension 86 came to mean, “Don’t serve anything to the indicated party because he is either broke or a creep.” (Presumably you see how a code would come in handy in such situations.)

Bartenders later used the term in connection with any person deemed too hammered to serve additional drinks to, and eventually it came to have the all-purpose meaning we assign to it today.

Other lunch counter code numbers (I rely here on the Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins) include 82, I need a glass of water (80 and 81 at times meant the same thing); 99, the manager is on the prowl; 98, ditto for the assistant manager; 33, gimme a cherry-flavored Coke; 55, I crave a root beer; 19, I yearn for a banana split; and 87-1/2, check out the babe over yonder.

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The term eighty-six is restaurant/bar slang for an item that is out of stock or a customer that is to be denied service. The origin is obscure, but it seems likely that the number has no significance; it is simply part of a larger numbering scheme used by waiters and soda-jerks.