Manager Bonuses

do you have manager bonuses? what metrics are they based on? do they get partial bonus if they come close to their goals? extra bonus if they hit all the targets? anyone have formulas or spreadsheets they would be willing to share??

thx here is a post that does a good job on the topic.

Some time ago I went back and broke up the goals into smaller brackets. Now each $1000 is another bracket. i.e. 6000-7000, 7000-8000, 8000-9000 etc each have a different revenue per labor hour goal. Those goals are based on numbers we have actually hit in the past but not regularly achieved.

I also increased the portion of the bonus that is tied to this. The GM gets $2.00 per hour and the assistants get $1.00 per hour if they hit it. They get nothing if they miss. For most of the year this amounts to 1/3 of the bonus available. The other 2/3 is tied to smooth operation, cash control, shop cleanliness, food cost etc. All of our bonuses are tied to the number of hours worked and I only pay on regular hours. Overtime is bonus enough!

We do run bigger bonuses when we are busier. Our business cycle has some pretty big swings ($5,000 per week to $25,000 per week). When we are doing 10K per week the manager bonus tends to go up about $1.00 per hour worked to max out at $7. At 15K another dollar. If Christmas week goes well and we are hitting good numbers (Over 20K) he will get $10 per hour worked in bonus and the assistants will get $6.