managers and bonuses

can anyone with managers tell me what do you pay them and if bonuses are involved what would you go by. net sales? %?.
also if my place is going to be 3,000sq ft. the pizzeria is up front w/3 tables,3 booths, the bar in back 5-6 tables 11 bar stools.othert then myself how many emoloyees would be good to delivery in begining. so far i figure me (pizza front end), bartender,cook ,dishwasher/sandwich/salad ,waitress were going to be open 11am-11pm many of each would be a good start. thank you for any pizza,appets,entrees,sand.subs,dessert.

My manager’s bonus has two compenents:

The first half is based on MY perception of how smoothly things are running. It maxes out at an additional $2 per hour and I pay it on each pay period on straight time hours only… i.e. the most he can get is $160 for a two week pay period. My expectation is that I would never be paying less than $1 per hour. If I was, I would be looking to hire a replacement. In the last year I have paid as little as $1.50 but mostly pay the $2.

The other half is based on profit, not sales. I need him focused equally on providing good service and quality that improves sales and on food and labor cost. A manager can cost you a lot more money quickly on blown costs than they can on missed sales. I take 5% of sales for myself to begin with and then pay out 20% of profit to managers as profit bonuses. In our market, we have offseason months where we loose money. Those months have negative bonuses that offset profitable months, but the bonus is paid monthly. The net effect is that we pay sizable profit bonuses during the busy season and none during the slow season. A bit profit bonus for a month would be around 2K to as much as 3K with the general manager getting about 40% of it and the assistant managers splitting the other 60%.

My GM’s gross earnings last year were around 43-44K and with benefits cost me about 50K. I used to pay them a salary but I found that some of my managers could get the job done in 35 hours leaving me with wages for assistant managers to cover shifts. Now I pay hourly plus bonuses and just let them have the overtime when we are busy.