Managing Social Media

I am looking into having a company manage all of my social media. Is anyone doing this? Is it worth the investment? They will be handling everything- yelp, facebook, google places, four square, twitter, urbanspoon. Any thoughts?

IMO it is NOT worth it to hire one of these companies to do it. A few of those outlets require actual knowledge of your locale and then some of them only require a one time set up.

Look for an employee and kick them a little extra.

I think it also depends on the style of business that you have or the way you interact with your customers. Personally for us, we like to be a “neighborhood” pizza shop and advertise ourselves that way. We personally like to do all our own posting so that our FB fans are interacting with us directly. It’s like we are all having a personal conversation together. Having it done by a company might give it a more “corporate” and “business” feel and maybe less of a personal interaction. For us, we would never turn it over to a third party to do it – we want to be interacting with our customers directly.

Here we go again, I just noticed that Before I was able to reach 700-900 fans for 5.00 and for 10 dollars my post could reach there friends at up to 1500 fans NOW it is 15 dollars for 500 people

I would look at setting up twitter followers, or have people sign up for weekly texts. That way, it goes directly to your customers and there’s no guessing on how many people it might get seen by like in Facebook.

It only takes a few seconds to type something up. You would not need to hire anyone for that and it stays within the restaurant.

Thanks for the input. Still not sure what i’m going to do with it. Part of me wants to get as much off my plate as possible, but really don’t want to spend that kind of cash either.

if you have to hire a company your wasting money…

The return on Social media is not even close to what your going to pay a company.