Mantague Pizza Ovens/etc

Maybe I’m not paying attention, but I rarely hear of these when deck pizza ovens are discussed. Saw those pies from Pizzeria Beddia (posted over on Slice yesterday) and they look awesome! Now, I know the oven is a big part of the equation, but by no means all of it.

1st question- Can anyone chime in on them?

I know they seem to be way more expensive than Marsal and Blodgetts (close to 2x!).

Pizzeria Beddia is making pies that look like the ones I would like to some day (reminiscent of old school New York/New Haven coal fired), with DiFara and Apizza Scholls being 2 of the deck versions I most admire- 1 gas and 1 electric.

2nd question-What deck ovens (Manufacturer/Models) would be most suitable for this style in your opinion.

Thanks for any feedback all!

I can’t get into naming ovens by manufacturer (politics) but if you choose the oven with the thickest hearth (deck) and a stone/brick lined baking chamber, and gas fired you won’t be very disappointed. PM me if you want the names of specific manufacturers meeting these criteria.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi James:

The Montague company produces very high quality ovens.

You would not go wrong buying them, but other manufacturers like Bakers Pride make great ovens for less cost.

George Mills