Manual ordering sheets

I am loking for a supplier of manual ordering sheets. I looked at the site and honestly I do not understand having 5 or six carbon copies per order, and the sheets did not look like they would fit well on a ticket rack. Please, advise me if I am missing something.

Yes you are missing something. The sheets are based upon Domino’s sheets prior to them switching to computers. I did $15,000+/week with these as a low price delivery store and kept everything in order well. If you do any volume of deliveries these sheets will allow you an easy way of keeping track of sales untill you can afford computers. The process of using these slips is a bit long winded for here, but if you want detailed instructions to show how all four copies are used, PM me. Trust me, if you don’t use computers and you do delivery, use the pizzaforms slips as opposed to guest checks. It’s MUCH easier to keep track of your numbers.