Manufactured Date of Cheese

Is anyone out there having issues with 3% cheese coming in over a month old? My supplier is shipping me cheese that is example: manufactured 6/29/2011, arrived in my store 8/4/2011, well over a month old, & has a high moisure content & is melting in my hobart when I grind it. When I spoke to my supplier he says yeah it old but??? no answer & no compromise… :x
I thought the rule was manufacture & ship date 2-3 weeks but no more than 3 weeks

When distributors see cheese prices heading up it is common for them to stock up on lower priced loads. They can then make a bigger margin and give their customers a better price. I wouldn;t be too worried about 5 week old cheese but you don’t want to be receiving it too much older than that.

Im really not that worried it just burns my a…s when I grate it, all its doing is melting in my grater, then clumps up while sitting in walkin waiting to get used, which is usually only a couple days, also it does not look good after coming out of the oven. I use a ratio of 2/1(3%/2%) blend. So what should I do, just blow it off?

First, what is the shelf life that the mfg is giving on this product? Grande gives 42 days on its Mozz products… and if you are getting 37 day old cheese delivered… I would be upset. I am guessing they are not holding to their June prices for you are they? Even if they were… you are having quality issues. Ask for replacements for the bad product. Shop around! Call the mfg of the cheese and inquire if they agree with distributors shipping product that is near its expiration dates to customers. I would be surprised if they think this is acceptable. You pay a lot for cheese these days so demand atleast what you are paying for before your customers start to notice it also. Then it is really costing you money!!! :!:

Just a quick update, my cheese got replaced, the mfg of my cheese is my own supplier, the bought out a company that burnt down years ago, so they bought the branding rights and sell it under the old co. name, just going to keep an out on mfg dates when it comes in from now on, also going to start looking for new supplier, just as a back up.

I am now at the end of my ropes with my current supplier, out dated cheese 5 weeks UGH… SO now Im going to switch suppliers so any opinion out there on SOFO FOODS, I have already tried Sysco, to costly. From what I have seen SOFO came & visited me yesterday & gave me a couple prices WOW what a difference in cheese prices (LOWER) by .24 cents per lb, also found out that SOFO sales guys are not on sales commission so that works for me. ANY OPINIONS