March Madness

I’ve never promoted this before, but what the hell…

I’m sure you die-hards already know, but here are the dates:

Opening Round-Tuesday 3/13
1st & 2nd Rounds-Thurs-Sund 3/15-3/18
Regionals- Thurs-Sund 3/22-3/25
Final Four- Sat 3/31 & Mon 4/2

Any ideas for promotions, and is this worth promoting? FYI, I’m not located too close to any of the schools.

I found you one of the smartest ppl here. Can’t believe you are asking for ideas. :lol:

You could have a sort of “Pizza Pool” and have people fill out brackets, submit them to you, and earn discounts based on number of correct picks per round, or some such. Get someone who does the brackets at their office pools to help you brainstorm how to make it work.

Maybe the one who ‘wins’ the bracket wins a big food prize? Maybe people can fill out prediction cards on key games and gert discounts or freebies for guessing the correct winner?