we have had several marcos close around indianapolis
was looking at one of the locations
anyone got any info on them?

I used to work for them several yrs back. Well, I actually worked for a Franchise of Marco’s Pizza, they had 7 stores and I was hired in to open a new store. Over all worked for them for 5yrs and worked my way up to DM over 5 of the stores. They sold back to Corp so I moved on…
Their set-up is pretty simple.
Pizza dough made fresh everyday goes on a 3 day rotation.
They also carry thin crust that is pre-made (shipped in)
Used to carry a pan crust that was shipped in (not sure if they still have it?)
Veggies cut fresh daily.
All ingredients shipped in via SoFo/ Truck. Real shredded Moz.
Not to sure about the whole Ah! Thentic stuff (new concept), but they do things right.
The subs were always a big seller. Carry 5 different kinds
Recently, they have gotten into the wings biz. Oven cooked

They have a great product, surprised to hear they are closing the doors… They always got the best possible ingredients they could find. Even now, they go overboard with their pizza boxes, the best darn pizza boxes I have ever gotten a pizza in. They are thick and full color all the way around with detailed colored pizza photo’s on them. When I worked the store, we were always busy and the customer’s loved it. If I recalled, the avg. between all stores was around $9,500 per week. Some a little higher/lower. If it wasn’t for one of the Franchise owners ripping off the profits, I’d still be working there. I know I still order it a few times a month!

If you want to know anything else, PM me. I also have some product pics from my review site that I can point you to if you are interested.

their pizza is horrible, good subs and cheezey bread