Anyone make margaritas at their pizza place? I was thinking about it for the summer. Do they sell? How do you make them…lol?

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no, I don’t do neopolitian haha

They are popular but there are a lot of different ways to make them. You’ll need to find a recipe that you like and adapt it for your glassware.

I like to use a slightly higher absorption dough. You can usually use your regular dough by adding a little more water but this will depend upon how your dough is presently handling. Think soft and extensible dough.
I brush it with olive oil, add pieces of canned tomato or fresh tomato slices (my personal favorite) and fresh basil leaves, then top with torn pieces of mozzarella cheese and finish with a sprinkling of shredded Parmesan cheese. We try to limit it to the summer months when garden fresh, vine ripened tomatoes are available.
If done right you can get a premium price on it too. If you use sauce, shredded or diced cheese and dried herbs it’s just another cheese pizza and you won’t be able to get a premium price on it. A store that I opened up in Tuscon, AZ a few years back was getting a $2.00 premium on a 14-inch pizza (only size they offered it in).
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Are we talking about margherita pizza or margarita cocktails?

Margarita - Cocktail

Margherita - Pizza


Good question. My brain is geared to “pizzas”, but I don’t mind having a Margarita cocktail once in a while. :slight_smile:
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salt rim, on the rocks…NEVER frozen.