Margherita Pepperoni

Has anyone had any problems with Margherita pepperoni recently? I have been using the product for over 10 years and this past week it’s been greasy, burning, and has a harsh taste. My supplier said that they are having the same complaints from other pizza shops.

I searched the internet for a Margherita contact number and found that ConAgra sold Margherita to Smithfield Foods in October. i tried to call Smithfield and got the run around, I need to know if they changed the reciepe or had a bad batch.

Any thoughts,

I have used Marg. for 5 years now and last week or the week before I noticed that the slices seemed just a tad smaller, maybe it is just me.

I did have a problem with burning but only when I tried another supplier.

Now I am getting 25# cases from GFS for $49.51

What are you paying?

sounds like a bad batch.

I’m paying 54.35