Margherita Pie...Basil On Before or After?


What is the proper/best procedure for adding basil on a Margherita baked on @ 550 on a stone? Prior to launching or immediately out of oven? I personally think it tastes more flavorful after, but here in OH…I can see my guests having “issue” with un-cooked greens, on their Pie. Not too many places offering a Margherita in my area…


We put it on after we use a conveyor oven though. Maybe you can try putting under the cheese for those that want it cooked?

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We put it on after - in OH

fresh delicate herbs always go on after or just before its done.

Guess i am the outsider here, under the cheese is where we put it. Putting in on after can be a health dept issue if your not handling it properly because it does not get cooked.

When making just the Margherita pizza and using a deck or stone hearth oven, I like to put it on after baking and then put the pizza back in the oven just long enough to wilt the basil. If using an air impingement oven, IF I have the luxury of pushing the pizza back into the oven I like to add the basil after baking and then push it back into the oven to wilt the basil. For all other pizzas baked in both deck/stone hearth and air impingement ovens I like to bury the fresh basil so it doesn’t get charred as it will if you place it on top of the pizza. Why on top only with the Margherita? Because I want to see the basil in addition to tasting it…That’s what the Margherita is all about. On other types of pizza I consider the basil to be just another flavoring herb…and fresh basil is certainly a GREAT one! :slight_smile:
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My conveyors used to just vaporize that stuff- fresh spinach, as well.
I used to spray the top of the pie with water (odd as it sounds) and that would help the greens on top at least get a fighting chance. It did make a big difference.

If you guys wanna try something fun put a few basil leafs between two stacked fryer baskets and blast them … they come out crispy and bright green…then they wont turn black while they sit on a hot pie waiting to be delivered.

after for sure

We put the basil on about a minute before the pizza is completely done and then throw the pizza back in the oven for that last minute.