Marinara Sauce suggestions with Full Red???

Have been using Full Red marinara with just some Italian seasoning added but want to make it our own. I looked on Stanislaus’s website but could not find a recipe for a marinara.

Anyone have any suggestions or a good place to look? I don’t want to get into cooking vegetables or anything extensive like that but rather something along the lines of adding seasonings and/or combining with other Stanislaus tomato products.

Found this on their site, it appears to be a pretty simple marinara style sauce. It does have sauteed garlic, onion and spices, though. You could substitute garlic and onion powders . . . but it would be nowhere near as good.

i do not understand the question…

Looking for help in developing a more personalized pasta sauce using the Full Red Marinara. Not necessarily against using a different product of theirs but did not want to turn off our customers that are already accumstomed to the Full Red.

I only see “from scratch” recipes on Stanislaus’ site.

i getcha
why do you want to change it then?what dont you like about it now?
maybe just a little sugar will do ya
i have found most do not like a robust sauce on there pasta,the general public that is…

c’mon, try real hard… you can do it! Just read his post… geeez… here comes the sarcastic BS to try to make you feel stupid… hehe

I use full red fully prepared but add sugar, garlic powder, and black pepper, a little Italian seasoning. not too much tho as it is a good sauce as it is.

There are 2 spices that I have used in pasta sauce that have given a pleasently different taste but let me warn you to only use enough to give just a hint of the taste.

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Use Stanislaus Premium sauce Pizziola.

Hello Pizza,We use 2-7/11 to every one Filetto pomodora.Start your pot out w/ a good amount of frest chopped garlic and 'good’Olive oil,cook till golden add a cup or so of chopped onions and cook another 3-5 min…Then add your tomatos w/10-15% of H2o and cook on low flame for 4-5 hours stirring frequently.This is an excellent sauce,it is simple and very much loved by me and my customers.
Hope this helps you. (by the way,these are stanislaus products incase you didn’t know.)

This sounds like a wonderful sauce. It doesn’t fit my understanding of “marinara” as a more quick-cooked sauce. This sounds like what I have heard called a “red gravy” or tomato sauce. This is the sort of sauce I would cok off for spaghetti/pasta sauce, balanced with vinegar and sugar to maximize the deep tomato flavor. A marinara I would cook at most 15 to 20 minutes to preserve some of the fresh, delicate essential tomato flavors.

My understanding is by no means absolute or complete. Your mileage may vary. The stanislaus products do wonderful sauces of all sorts.

we do the same we spice up there sauce NEVER COMPLAINTS

Hello Nick,I’m an Italian from Calabria we moved here when I was a child to NY then to Philly and yes we call 'Marinara’gravy here.Sugar is absolutely never used in a true Italian sauce/Marinara.We just cook our sauce down to get rid of the acids w/ maybe some onions as a natural sweetner and flavorer.If this recipe wasn’t a Marinara it would be a meat based sauce in which is called a Bolognese sauce here.I couldn’t even imagine a sauce being cooked up in 20-30 min…


If you are not going to make your own, ask your vendor for a sample of Piata Doro. You need to add to this according to your taste. Most don’t, however.