Marinara Sauce

I am currently using a pre-portioned marinara sauce that comes in a cheap looking cup with a seal that says marinara on it, it looks very tacky. I am considering making my own; does anyone have a easy recipe that they would be willing to send me?

What are you using it for? If you are using it as a dipping sauce for breadstix, mozz stix, etc., why not just use your pizza sauce and prep it in 2 or 4 oz cups with lids.

i have a totally different sauce for marinara from my pizza sauce…both made from scratch (besides tomatos of course)

Hello crusher,I have a great recipe but I just need you to tell me about how much you’ll make at a shot.Or you can go to for some really good recipes also and they will break all the percentages down for you.


We use our pizza sauce (we make it). We deliver it in the little solo cups we can buy from US or Sysco.

we even use the black souffle cups for our smaller sized, and it looks rather “upscale”. I haven’t looked for black 4-oz yet. Probably out there, though.

I use the pizza sauce for dipping. It is great for us.