market my gluten free pizzas

market my gluten free pizzas,my name is Nick I operate a small pizza place in ny, I am asking for any suggestions on how to land more accounts for wholesale an retail my gluten free new york style pizzas the shells and the take and bakes, to other pizzerias and supermarkets and or health food stores. my Gluten free pizzas is the only thing that is keeping me alive, I have only been in business for 2 years and they have been tough, i have not had a day off. I could realy use some help or any ideas. My gluten free pizzas are 100% gluten free and are swabbed every batch to make sure ther is no cross contamation.

Thank You, Nick

Hi Nick,

Your website needs a landing page all about “gluten free” that is optimized for your topic.
Time to connect via social media… and link back to your website landing page about gluten free.

Here is an example of someone talking on Twitter about Gluten Free: ruthmunson Let’s try this again. Looking for Gluten-free (not glutton free) pizza places in Lake County IL or Kenosha County WI. I’m laughing too.

Here is another example of someone talking about Gluten Free on Twitter: csixty4 @ruthmunson No prob. Pizzaria Uno has a whole gluten-free menu under “nutrution” on their web site, including pizza :

Go to[/url] or [url=] and hire a webdesigner.

Join the local non-profit support groups for Celiac disease, gluten free groups… here is an example in NY.

(Remember… gluten free serves as a solution for those with health issues)

An option is to make announcements via press release in local paper. Here is an example about gluten free in NYTimes.
The press release could be your new certification you might have received for gluten free health or possibly your new support of a non-profit group.

Not sure where to get certified and by who? … en_free_f/

Interact with websites and article writers such as this one: … LGID=21431

Here is a Gluten Free Directory Book for NY. How does this work for you? You too could write a short book with recipes, information, etc. and over time represent yourself as an expert.

Their is a trend for more gluten free. One of the concerns I have had… safety. People’s health is at stake and to give them a high confidence that you are not only serving gluten free but it is SAFE is a big deal.

Gluten Free is a niche. So there will be opportunity to gain awareness online.

Get it done with website SEO
Get it done with social media
Get it done with certification(s)
Get it done with press
Get it done with phone calls and letters and one on one… reaching out to those who are interested (with samples)
Get it done by collaboration with non-profits who will advertise you when they know you are the place to go.

Whew… Now you have some work. Hope the list helps!


Here is a thread with discussion of Gluten free pizza from an operator standpoint. These are issues you would have to address. Personally I have never been asked for gluten free in 8 years.

We tried low carb pizza for a while when atkins was huge. The product we had wasn’t close enough to real pizza to catch on.

Rick G