market share

if i operate in a town with 4000 people,and ,1200 households,and generate
in the winter,42000 per month,and in the summer 55000 per month,is this considered good market share?
food cost=27%
p.s. not doing pizza only

:?: So you’re getting $35/household in the winter & $45/household in the summer; that’s IF everybody ordered from you. Seems like a good pipe dream! What does the $ amount have to do with market share?

i do not know.
that is why i am curios.
these #s are real,not a pipe dream.
what is a pipe dream???

Need more numbers to crunch for market share, however, if you are doing that amount of $ per month in that size town, consider yourself
very successful.

i know there is more to get,i am working on my double 360s to arrive next week.
going to hit them with the 5.00 pizza promo.
we have 4 indys doing pizza,5 full service rest.,and 5 fast food joints

Where is your town located? I’d love to see more about it so I can approximate that kind of success :slight_smile:

Restaurant professionals somwhere figured that each household will spend, on average, roughly $20 per month on pizza.

Given that number, the stats given us by the posted, and the households, there is about $24,000 monthly market for pizza in that town. That is 206% of the estimated marketshare for this location given the stats provided. I really do suspect that the actual market is bigger than the 4000 in city limits for these restaurants to survive.

Sounds like there is a whole lot more to this picture than we have. I do not doubt the numbers, just think there is a piece of the puzzle missing . . . . or a decimal point.

Either this is a tourist/resot location, or there is a huge outlying population beyond city limits, or there is a lot different profile than the standard pizzeria.

FORTEEN restaurants serving 4,000 people is a really lopsided dynamic that I cannot understand or explain. More power to them all, I say. Pipe some of that water down to me so I can squeeze that kind of money out of our market without selling illicite substances (which I would never do).

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