Marketing After Dark

As an operator, what do you do to drive sales and create awareness for a late night crowd at your pizzeria? I’m interested to hear how specials v. entertainment has worked. How do you promote this?

We worked to get in good with the Bartenders & owners. We also sent drivers down to the late night spots to sell small pies as people went in & out of the bars. It kind of took off after that.

So your drivers just sell out of their cars or do you have a mobile unit?

We sent them on foot. We are a block off the area where all the Bars are located. We also sold the pies at a cheap flat rate to get people hooked on our pizza. I also allowed the drivers to make money on each pie they sold to incentivize them to sell more.


Have you ever thought about mobile marketing with a web app?

  • Be in the pockets of your customers at all times, even at night.

  • You can also update and change promotions at night to see if it drives more people in the door.

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