marketing best bets?

We have been open for a month and have a healthy weekday lunch business. We are looking to grow business for dinner and weekends primarily to residential consumers and then grow catering revenue from businesses. Does anyone have recommendations on successful marketing/advertising vehicles?

Thanks so much!

One of the things that did well for us was a well timed Football Schedule with the two local colleges on it. We used Monster Magnet to create the piece for us.


In short, Door hangers with your menu, some coupons, and most important, fridge magnet. Thats what I did to start with to get the word out in the residential market. If you do it systematically, you will really see some response.
Ton R

Marketing Ideas…

I am kind of biased but I think fridge magnets and memo boards work best…

Regards, Royce

I bought Kamron Karringtons-Black book marketing info. My sales are still good-about 13k a week. I’ve been open almost 4 monthsnow. :slight_smile: y

I agree that Magnets and Kid Toys and the Funstax Pizza Box Lid Supports all work well. Try making unique/special flyers and box toppers or even your pizza box graphics marketing work together with with the magnets, funstax pizza box lid supports and toys. Good luck!! :lol: