Marketing Help Please!!!!!!!!!

I am in my 7th week of owning a new york style pizzeria. My customer’s say “I have the best New York style pizza in town.” I am only doing between $1100-$1500 a week in sales. Litte Ceaser just opened in the plaza next to me. I have regular customers who come every week, but not enough. I am doing radio giveaways every MWF at 5pm, an ad in the weekly newspaper, coupon books, two hotel directory, and a 15 second movie theater ad. What am I doing wrong??? I have only seen less 1% return on the coupons. I am currently offering free slice of pizza w/drink purchase, free 6 piece wings or a Mandrin rib sampler w/$10 purchase. My lunch rush is from 12-1pm dinner rush is 6-7pm, Fridays are ok, but Saturadays suck bad. Any help??? I have couponed the hospital around me and local doctor offices.

My best return has been Door hangers with fridge magnets.

I would look at what you are doing with your advertising and remember not everything will work for you just because it works for others.

What are you saying to people with all this advertising ??

I brought a Pizza Shop in a small costal Tourist town here in Australia Just over 1 year ago it was run down from a thriving buisness and going down hill fast it had a bad reputation and my only experence was I had a pizza shop for 1 year before buying this one so i really had no idea what to do but took the gamble anyway.

When i got this shop i was doing the same as you in figures $1000 to $1500 a week over winter after my first year i am now doing $1800 to $2500 a week over winter which is not to bad with a population of 2500 and 36 places to get somthing to eat from including another pizza shop and i think 2 other places that have a couple of pizza’s on there menu’s

My best promo i called TASTE THE DIFFERENCE
I told people what made my pizza different to the other shops as far as the product i use and to get all this going i did a 1/2 price pizza night.Since then i have never looked back. The other thing i do is support local sporting clubs they seem to have there members support you back so thats been another good return.I am in every hotel motel and any other accomodation there is in town. I do menu drops a few times a year and always seem to get a good responce from that.

To me you have done alot of advertising all in one shot so it will be to hard to work out whats worth while doing and whats not.For me Local papers were a waste on time and coupons never came back " Thats right not 1 " I would stop everything and start again but not so many at once just to see what each thing is doing for you and take a look at what you are saying with all your advertising.If your just telling people where you are and what your doing that to me is not enough you need to tell them why your the better place to buy from and invite them to in my words TASTE THE DIFFERENCE


Oh and every thing i do always has BEST IN TOWN on it aswell :slight_smile:

Maybe let up a little on some of those advertising costs going after new customers and go after current customer differentiation. Things like magnets to buying customers and use fun box top lid supports and other personal touches that make you remembered. Good luck!!

have you tried doing a direct mailer? I have always gotten my best response with those.

I’m with Daddio. Door hangers with a menu, magnet and a couple of coupons can give you a quick shot in the arm. The same coupons as box toppers (printed on a different color paper for tracking purposes) helps. I’ts really inexpensive, with immediate results. Developing a system and sticking to it is important.
Tom R

We are offering a free pizza to ALL school district employees. Their convocation meeting will be on Tues the 8th. We will be passing out the flyers then to all who attend. Last year there were 847 employees who showed up, more are expected this year. We’re giving away a 10" pizza, (cost +/- $1.00), and are expecting to give at least half away in the first week. This is a MUCH better return on investment than any other form of advertiseing I have EVER done.