Marketing Idea- Charity- MLM?

I read an artical about MLM type businesses like the Excel Communications and some of these energy companies that pay you a residual for every customer that you sign up or like the old Amway. Why not use this model for pizza? Every time a customer calls you ask who referred them. Then every time they order the person that referred them gets something nominal like .25 credited to their account. Not sure how this system works but people like getting something for nothing and telling friends about new quirky things. It would certainly help with word of mouth. Every time they order pizza they would think let’s order from “insert name” and see what our discount it today. Or a business model that would donate the .25 cents to a preset range of charities like feeding American kids or some other AMERICAN based charity.

I remember when I lived in Vegas, a pizza shop was doing that. They gave their guests a business card designed for that, and it had a space to write their VIP number. When someone brought in the card the giver got a free something (I honestly don’t remember what) and the receiver got a buy 1 get one half off deal. Whenever I went there, I saw at least one being redeemed. Thanks for reminding me! :smiley: