Marketing idea - employee contest

Here’s a marketing idea for everyone:

Print up some quarter-page flyers (this way it won’t be so expensive) on a postcard-type thickness paper. These flyers should contain your logo, phone number, address, etc. These flyers should also have only one offer:

Buy a Large Pizza at Regular Price, Get a Large Pizza of equal or lesser value [size=5]FREE![/size]

Also on this flyer let potential customers know this is a contest between employees. There should be a place where the employee can sign his/her name so when the coupon is redeemed the employee will get credit for the sale. When these flyers are distributed the employee should also push this contest onto the potential customer so that they will be more willing to make a purchase.

The prize: whatever you want, from the infamous iPod, to a paid day off, to a paid week off, to movie tickets, etc. A good idea would be to trade out with the business of your choice to obtain the “prize” so that you’re not out actual cash.

Give each employee 25 “signature cards” and have them distribute to friends, family, and neighbors. These “signature cards” shall only have a one week expiration date so you’ll see immediate sales returns.

I haven’t tried this yet but I’m printing them on business card stock as I type this. I’m willing to bet you’ll get about a 30% return if these employees sell it right.

25 x 10 employees = 250 x 30% = 75 orders x $13 ticket avg. = $975 sales increase in one week.

Your thoughts…


How do you keep this from just discounting to your regular customers?

We had a store meeting a couple weeks ago and talked about this. Everyone was instructed to pass these out to friends, family, friends of the family, etc. I’m sure it’s not 100% idiot-proof and this offer will be extended customers that are already in our database so sure, they’ll get a deal with this promo.

Actually, at this very moment I capture a little under 20% of my potential market on a monthly basis. With that being said I can safely say that 2 pieces out of every 10 we pass out will go to an existing customer who orders pizza from me at least once per month. If I can entice them to order pizza during this promotion maybe my once a month customers will order from me twice so actually, now I’m a genius. LOL

The purpose of this though is to generate excitement in your stores and make a contest out of it (and to generate an extra $1000+/- in a week’s time is always nice).

Also Scott, I’m more of a “blanket-marketer” kind of guy. I don’t care if they’re regular customers, customers that’ve ordered only once, or potential customers that’ve nevered ordered from us at all, I go after everybody and extend my offers to everybody. If they’re regulars and get a deal one week, no problems… as long as they’re ordering pizza from me and not anyone else I’m happy to take their money. That’s just my philosophy. -J_r0kk


What is your food cost % for a buy one get one?


It depends on what they order but I’d say an average would be 36% - 42% if all they ordered was pizza and had no sides. Add sides into the mix and you’re looking in the 32% - 36% range.

So, if you think about it this way:

You’re already there. You’re already paying for labor and electricity, etc. with your normal sales. You throw an extra $140 (avg.) per night onto your existing sales and pay for the food costs ($53 @ 38%) out of the extra sales. This leaves you with $87 in profit after those costs are accounted for.

I know, it doesn’t work like that… but you can think about it that way. :wink:

The biggest incentive is creating customers in 18 out of 20 cases (in my store) and only paying an average of $2.50 per customer in food cost to get them.


How about giving a bonus prize to the employee that has the most new customers? I think that would make it even better for you. I know my staff could get rid of them all to their friends and family but those people are in 1-2 times a week already. Or even a bonus if they give it to a customer that hasent ordered in say 30, 60 or 90 days? Just an idea!

Sounds alot like Big Daves idea. Read Empower and encourage your employees.

I love the idea. What I really like about it is it will take me about an hour or so to get them created, cut and printed.

I will probably get the employees on it next week.

Thanks Jrock you be the man!

I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but my prices are set up so stupidly (something I can’t really deal with) that I basicially break even with a BOGO. Awesome deal though, must say.

I have seen employee contests similar to this that have worked great. Here are a couple of articles that may help. … ighter.php
There is also another employee contest in this one…

We did something like this - it was a disaster. employees didn’t particupate - only 1 or 2 did it. We made the mistake of cash prizes and it actually cost us money. I tracked the “new” customers and not a single one has reordered in the past 60 days since the contest. Awful!