Marketing Idea for Christmas

Last night I did something I think you guys would like to try.

When some of our really good customers ordered, we took the order, told the amount and acted like it was a normal order. When the delivery driver got to their house he handed them a Christmas card, that I had wrote a personal message in, to them and said there order was on us and “Marry Christmas”.

We did this to only 5 people last night and those customers were speechless. One customer who orders every Friday has 6-8 foster kids at any given time and orders usually about $60-$100 each time, her order came to about $70.00 and when the driver gave it to her she started to cry and said can’t believe how nice we are to our customers. The drivers enjoyed seeing there regular customers get this. I am going to do it for the next couple nights.

We’d love to do this if we weren’t hemmoraging cash like we are. But we’re definitely going to do the card part of it !

Hopefully next year we’ll be in a position where we can give away free food.

Now if you could just find a way to get this to the media…

We do this every year. We keep track of every customer who comes in on a weekly basis and give them an order as a gift. We stagger it over the course of a few weeks, as it ends up being well over a hundred pizzas. Unfortunately, I don’t think we could ever stop doing it, some of our long term regulars pretty much expect it now.

I did the card thing and included a $1 million l0ttery ticked that cost me $1 per card. I hand wrote each card with Your business is worth a million to us. Here is your chance to win. Merry Christmas from the staff.

Richard I hope they share when they win…

i did it today to 2 customers one customer who orders every other night and one that gets a pick up everyweek for the last year… they were surprisedddd … they were very thankful… speechless