Marketing idea

Someone had posted a marketing idea not too long ago. I thought that I’d repost it in case someone didn’t get to read. I really liked this person’s idea because it was unique and it showed some appreciation to your best customers. Basically here’s this person’s idea in a nutshell. You run a report of your top 30 customers. Write them a letter explaining that they are worth a million bucks to you as a customer and since you can’t give them a million bucks, you will give them a chance to win it. You then include a free lotto ticket with the letter along with a coupon and you can bet when they are sitting in front of the tv waiting to see if they won, they will be eating a slice of your pizza and thinking of your business. Below is a copy of the letter that I will be sending out this week. I’m handwriting every letter so it will be more personal and including a coupon.

Dear customer’s name,

 I'd like to start by saying thank you for your continued business with my pizza shop.  You have been one of my best customers and I appreciate it.

 I definitely feel that you are worth a million bucks as a valued customer to my business and I wish that I could give it to you.  Although I can't give you a million dollars, I can give you a chance to win it!  I've enclosed a New York State Lotto Mega Millions ticket along with a coupon for a FREE order of bread sticks with your next order.  Your ticket that I purchased is for this Friday's (July 13th) drawing.  It will be held at 11:00 pm during the local news.  

 Nothing would make me more happy than seeing you win the $12 million dollar jackpot!  Once again thank you so much for being such an awesome customer!  Good luck.

                                   [i]your name
                                   Owner:  [/i]name of your business

I remember seeing this a few months ago and I think its a great idea. Please let me know how your customers respond to this.

I am doing this today actually, I am sending 40 out PLUS I thrown in a scratch off…total cost 2.50 each.
I added a 3.00 off any order to track, we currantly dont use $ off orders just package deals…so each one should be an exact count…will update monday

I did this the day after I read that post and the response was great. I sent one out to each of my top 100. My offer with it wasn’t all that inspired so my tracking didn’t work well. But I bet I had 20 customers personally thank me and tell me how great it was. I had 2 or 3 who, when they found out that I sent it to my top 100 customers, started competing to see who could get that top spot. Now every time they order they ask how many total orders they’re up to. They want to know where they rank.

of 40, we had an over welming responce, 31 people for a combined total of 994.57
not bad, and we had one guy who one 100.00
he spent 45.00
everyone was happy