Marketing Manager

I’ve been thinking recently of adding a Marketing Manager to my staff. I’ve always done my own marketing, but too often get bogged down on the production side (can’t see the forest for the trees & all that). What I’m looking at doing is paying this person hourly plus commission. We’re currently averaging about $48,000 per month. For commission, I’m thinking 5% for all sales between $50 - 60,000 and 10% for everything above that.

My question I guess is if any of you out there are doing something similar? If so, what exactly are the duties for this position? (I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I want done - marketing to businesses, schools, churches, hotels, follow up calls for 1st time customers & big orders, etc). Also, is the compensation appropriate? The way my store is set up, we"d likely have to upgrade some equipment at around $65 - 70,000 a month, but after that would probably be okay to $100k and beyond (I really like the sound of beyond)

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

At your sales level, I would focus on developing production management first. This would leave you more time to manage and develop marketing. Pay yourself first and then when you’re making too much money, add another employee. Good luck.

Noone can market your business like you can if it is your passion to make great food. If you have a good staff in place to handle production your time would be better spent marketing. If you don’t have good staff in place then I would try to find someone who can get your message out there.
Compensation based on a percent is a good idea. You would think it would motivate your marketing manager to perform.