marketing opportunity

how can we make the new novel “Playing for Pizza” by Grisham a marketing opportunity ?


Host a Casino Night event where customers pay an entry (cover) fee to play casino games with a set number of chips. Texas Hold 'Em poker may be enough these days to keep people happy. They play for chips for a set period of time, and then auction off items at end of night for chips. You can include some food for the cover and include the menu for ordering on cash basis.

Make sure you are NOT paying out cash prizes unless your state and county allow it. It could be a grand time, if that is what you want to do. HECK . . .donate a portion of the proceeds to a charitable or educational organization! Double marketing whammy.

Should have read about the book 1st . . . football, huh? :shock:

So, you host this football tournament with an entry (cover) fee and people play football for chips all night . . . .

Casino night could still rock out some profits, though. Back to the short bus with me!