Marketing our Health Dept report

We are considering marketing our very positive report via postcard and facebook and also providing the links to our competitions not so positive reports. The copy would read …If your our customer, good choice if not Good luck. Followed by the link to the negative health dept reports of our competiors. Thoughts?

I would NOT post links to any reports other than you own.

why? it’s public information.

This would come back to you and you will likely regret it. Just keep doing what you are doing and you will shine. Getting a good health score is great but it really isn’t something to advertise imo. Kind of like looking for praise for doing what your supposed to do anyway. A lot of it has to do with the inspector as you probably know. Let everybody know what sets your food apart. Try to share the passion you and your staff have for making great food.

Stay humble. It’ll create bad blood and there’s no need to gloat.

Emphasize and promote, if you really must, your pizza shop’s cleanliness and leave it at that.

Why do you think anyone cares? If they did, since it is public information, they would already know.

How many of your customers have told you they came there because your health score was better?

Dumb idea that can only hurt you in the future.

Hypocrisy is very bitter pill. The first time you get a not-so-good report and someone calls attention to it you will taste it. Leave this idea alone.

I agree with the others. It seems very petty to point out faults of the competition.

In my area, if a complaint is called into the health dept an inspection will happen the next day. It would be very easy every week to file a complaint and have the health dept in there constantly which I don’t care how clean your restaurant is, nobody wants

Karma is a beotch. Terrible idea

I must say, I’ve been tempted over the years… we’ve had a perfect score for 6 full years, starting our 7th year in the spring… I just could never bring myself to do it… but like I said, ‘tempted’!!!