Marketing Plans

Does anyone care to share their marketing plans?

Currently I’m starting a new marketing plan that consists of:

[list]30,60,90 day lazy and new customer post card mailings

bulk post card mailings to entire city (1500/week)

door hanging (1500/week)

possibly the black book magic letter (Not sure if I will do both post cards and letter at the same time yet or do one round of each at separate times.)

weekly email coupons

box toppers

monthly new mover mailings[/list]

I’m curious to see what every one else is doing and finding success with? I want to add a few more relatively low-cost and effective marketing ideas.

Here in columbia, MO box toppers and coupon mailers seem to be what the majority of places are doing.


I don’t know if your real eastate agents work along the same lines as us or not but I would look at doing your New Movers similar to what we do. The agents give them the New Mover Free Pizza offer when they complete the sale. Have a look at my previous psots on this subject - New Movers.

This is and boxtoppers are the only promotion we do and our sales are racing ahead.


A loyalty reward card is very inexpensive and surprisingly effective.

how do u work the loyalty card? Is it a pizza free after 5? 10?

The customer gets a punch for each purchase of $10 or more (1 punch per visit) and the 10th purchase is free (lg. specialty pizza or stromboli)

Email me and I’ll send you a sample.

I would search, but everytime I search I get nothing. Ugh, is it me or do I just not know how to use it?
Anyway, how do u work this with the real estate agents? Do u call them and tell them what you want to offer their customers?

It’s not just you. Every time I search the archives I get either nothing or everything, none of which pertains to my search. Does anyone have a tip on how to search effectively?

Send me a PM and I will forward you the letter and envelope we use. I did a post under “New Movers” which explains how we do it.

We are getting about 6 new customers a week from the promotion.


I forgot to mention my Thank You cards in my earlier post. I had some post cards printed with a nice script “Thank You” on one side and my writing with a Sharpie on the inside

I send one of theese out with each new customer order. I instruct my drivers to hand it to the customer after the transaction and say “my manager asked me to give this to you”. It creates a nice feeling and it acts as a bounce-back coupon.

Sorry for the gigantic image.