marketing question to "paul7979"


I understand from your post that you are about $81K over last year, alot due to your letter and complimentary pizzas.
I know the ROI is huge. If you can, what has been your cost in this marketing effort, that include cost of goods, any additional labor, printing and time cost, redemption and retention rate and how you track these things. How you pick the recipients and how many when.
Obviously it works for you there.
The details may help us to see the feasibility of doing something similar in our market.
Just a few thoughts at a time, you could probably write a book on it.
Maybe make a second million doing that !

go Gators and go Paul,


And also, do you (or anyone else) restrict this offer to carryout only? I guess there are no sales taxes to collect.

since Paul has been giving the positive results of his letter, I have been giving out more free pizzas…
employees just left and I gave them a pizza to take to the local grocery and gas station…I think it works.