Marketing: The Answer

Hey all,
I have been a TT member for years. I’ve seen them all. The “I want to open a pizza place” and the “Grande debate” I’ve brushed elbows (internet elbows) with the likes of Otis Gunn. I Also have left with more knowledge than I came with. The growing topic these days is marketing. Mainly because our economy sucks, but also we have more competition than ever. or at least it seems that way. I’d like to take some time to give back.
I’ve noticed over the years we as owners tend to think of our customers as numbers. Have we lost our hearts on the quest for money? is profit the only thing on our minds that we forget how we actually turn a profit. The answer lies in your community.
We are so quick to spend THOUSANDS on marketing in one way shape or form. We can Direct Mail, Door Hang, Pennysaver,Valpack,etc. All so someone can come to us with a coupon where we A) make smaller profits and B) offer a bounce back offer, which leads back to A. How do we get out of this vicious loop of giving, giving, and giving. Local is the key. for $150.00 you can send 50 pizza’s wherever you want. The golf course, library, fire house, town pool, highschool football game, or even split them up and hit every business on main street. So $150.00 touches 200 mouths. Thats a lot of mouths. and a lot of publicity.
Don’t forget about promotional products. T shirts are huge…and they should be free. Shut up!..I said free. I spend $4.50/ shirt. I run promotions were shirts are free with the purchase of ____. Hey thanks for letting me break even on one sandwich. one time. And you wear that shirt. And you wear it good. I appreciate the countless eyes that touch my logo everyday. As would you if you had kids tell you they saw ten people wearing your shirt at school. Don’t forget, it’s at no extra cost to change the color of the shirt, as long as the ink color is the same. Now I have 5 different colors…What a joke. I laugh at how much these kids eat it up. I have pink shirts for the girls…why would you leave them out. We also take the time to distribute cold Poland Spring water, poured into our custom logo water bottle at field day for the local grade schools. That promo alone netted us a 300 person party at the school. which paid for the water bottles, water, and then some. You can’t even count the new customers that start to respect you. For respecting them.

This is the oldest trick in the book. Stop looking at numbers and start looking at giving back. Give a million dollars away. As long as you know you will make 20 million in return. Scale it down. See what $1000.00 does for you. Or even that $150.00. I hope you have the product to back you up. This may be the answer but it is not over night. Set a plan and work it for the year. I promise it could only help.

Good luck

The majority of my marketing is based on FREE pizzas. 200 Letterbox drop to random houses in each of the 5 suburbs surrounding our shop has been a great result in bringing in new customers as has free sampling and free pizzas at the shopping centre we are in on special activity days. Getting people to taste for the first time is our main goal as we know once they try the majority come back as regular customers. The hardest thing is getting people to try you for the first time so giving away some freebies does the trick for us.
Another we do that is successful and gives us a community support exposure is doing $100 pizza party prizes (pizzas, drinks, garlic breads and potato wedges) for the local schools and sporting clubs when they have fund raising activities. We get advertising exposure in their school magazines, sporting programmes etc plus the placement of menus to all attending.
Get to try for free and if your product is good enough then they will become custoers.


Great Post!

We have been giving free pizzas to every front desk employee at every lodging property in our town twice a year for a decade… (yes you read that right a free pizza to each person) and free pies to the blood drive donors three times a year and free pies to every kid activity in sight. Yes, it works!

We do absolutely NO advertizing - but we are more than happy to give away free large pizza gift certificates to any organization wanting them for raffles and auctions.

We do absolutely NO advertizing - but we are more than happy to give away free large pizza gift certificates to any organization wanting them for raffles and auctions.

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Bodega-I wish I had hotels to serve. I have none. Those are the people to take care of. They tell the guests where to go.