marketing tidbit from Otis

something that is working for me…
I have nameed pizza after people who have ordered the same set of 3 topping a number of times, ie
Chen’s Fire and Ice pizza (jalopena, sausage, and pineapple)
Betty Boop’s Good Looking pizza (pepperoni, mushrooms, and black olive)

…it seems to solidify the customer I name it after, and other people order because they know and like that person…
…! now, people are trying to get on “the list”…!

I’m in a small town where this probably works better…

Betty Boop is a customer of yours? :lol:

Absolutely! Great idea.

We got away from that as our menu got run up with names and specials a year or so ago (Meatlover McGee, Ramponi White, Carleo Crust, Carey Wings, etc.). Now that a few have moved out of town, we may need to revisit that again.

Your idea of how you are doing it sounds even better with a plan of when to pull that trigger. Rage on!


…the chains have difficulty doing it, we can, big advantage to us…

…yes, Betty Boop is a customer here, …most people in town call her Crazy Betty, including me, so she appreciated Betty Boop instead.

Got a picture for us lonely pizza recruits? :slight_smile:

yes, I do have gooD photos in my Mac and can easily e-mail them…

I do not have the myspace or a place to put them on the internet now…send me your e-mail and I will be happy to send them to anyone,
Otis is your friend.

Definitely a cool idea…I like it.