Marketing to Apartments

We have a lot of apartment complexes in our delivery area. Only a few of them will allow us to doorhang. Does anyone have any good programs you’ve done with apartment managers to get in the door? Also do mailing lists, like from melissadata, contain apartment numbers.

Thanks, Paul

i use Melissa Data for all my list needs.

You can purchase a list with apartments only.
When selecting your demographics, just check the apartment box.

Hope this helps

Sometimes it is better to ask for forgiveness instead of permission. We have had moderate success offering to hang apartment complex newsletters and notices in exchange for permission to doorhang. We will also offer free pizza for an event every month or two as well as free gift certificates at christmas time for all staff members.

I wanted to mass email all the teachers in my school district. So I went to The head it guy and told him he’d never pay for lunch if my emails made it passed the spam catcher. I’m pretty sure when my email goes Out everyones gonna see it. So I’d find the head of whatever your trying to do and give him some food. I don’t think bribery is illigal. Is it?