Marketing to Caterers

Does anyone solicit catering companies for their pizza business? I’m wanting to send out a letter to try and get some of that business but I’m curious if anyone else is doing this through catering companies instead of doing your own catering.

I’ve heard that companies have meetings and whatnot and call catering companies to bring lots of pizza. I figure they need more service than just delivering pies or else they would just call a pizza shop themselves.

What about pharmaceutical reps? How do you solicit them? Do you send a letter? What is your hook?

I avoid using any third party to sell my food and business to potential customers unless I have a strong relationship with them already. No one is going to sell my services as well as I am. I can make the hard calls, adjust prices, promise service levels. I would contact and make contact myself.

we have actualy been drafting text for a brochure to use in business to business marketing. It is not in any condition to send out to anyone, but we are drafting a letter and brochure to use.

A similar question:

So, you know that businesses order pizzas quite regularly, for meetings, team lunches and whatnot. How do you market to these businesses? Often they have security guard desks and finding the “decision maker” can be difficult.

Got copies of any distributed brochures and leaflets and such. Do an internet search on the copmpany to get names to try calling. Call and ask to speak to the office manager. Since all of us are responsible members of our Chamber of Commerce, we can contact that office and try to find information.

The key to all of this is networking our butts off so that we have as much contact with as many people in our communities as possible. Seven Degrees of Separation will help the rest. Our customers all know someone who knows someone who knows someone somewhere. Working yor contacts will be a big help in larger corporations/businesses. They often have PR personnel . . . another possible cold call.

Get creative and assertive when trying to get contact info. Be ruthless. Take a ;pizza to the Security Desk Guy with your card and a brochure/letter. Tell him the pie is for him, and if he likes to to please tell someone in the corporate chain about you. $2 investment and possible shot aty getting in the door.