Marketing to college students

I am looking to start doing some marketing to the college kids in my town and was wondering if anyone knows of any companies that can help. I am looking to do staduim cups,ping pong balls and dry erase boards.

I got dry erase boards through Royce. Good price on a good product.

So everyone can send hate mail to the right person, I deleted the ad. It had no information other than the name of the site, the person registered today to post a link to the site, and the site looks well, like it was quickly thrown together. A post with no information from a person with one post would appear to be nothing more than targeted spam.

Let the hate mail start.

I wanted the hate mail :lol: I totally missed the spam or I would have deleted it.

I want the hate mail… :shock: Wait… what ad are we even talking about here?

Soooo back on topic. I go to the college and pass out pens and magnets during the first week.

We did cards that listed 5 different student specials. We ran midnight madness from 12am to 2am on Fridays–12 inch pizza, carry-out only, $4, had to show your student id.

Dorm wars never worked well for us, except ended up costing us money in the long run.

Get yourself a sidewalk stencil and spray sidewalk chalk along frequented paths of students. Hit up the dorm RAs, and make sure you contact all the student organizations and clubs.

Sponsor a (pizza) pie eating contest. Grand prize–a Kindle book reader that students can load text books onto and do away with their bookbag.

…really don’t know how much I would hand out pens and other paraphanalia though.