Marketing to Women

The facts are amazing: Even though women still earn less money than their male counterparts (78 cents for every dollar a man gets), women make more than 80 per cent of the buying decision in all homes.

I came across this on this site … raphic.htm

Is anyone doing Female specific advertising? It makes sence to me. I paid attention yesterday and about 80% of my callers were women.

I think it’s a good thing to pay attention to.

I have always wondered why any restaurants didn’t have a ladies’ night and offer a complimentary chocolate bar (not a small one…one of those big dove bars or something) for the ladies.

We LOVE chocolate for the most part…so if you could find a chocolate supplier that has a reasonable cost, I would think that promo would go great.

That’s because their “man” is too busy sitting on the couch drinking beer…

90% of those calls go something like this:

“Hi, Joes Pizza, how can I help you”

woman: “I want to order a pizza”

“Okay, what would you like on it?”

woman: “John, what do you want on your pizza?”…

then the back and forth begins.


I get more guys doing the hey what do we want and they are usually stoned or drunk.

We all know why women control the buying decisions9that is, if you don’t want to be on the couch). Find your market and own it.

I believe I’d stay away from “gender-specific” advertising. You can target a demographic without mentioning it. How about “I don’t want to cook day”? You might get away with “Ladies’ night off”. Advertise to the “no cooking, no cleaning” idea rather than something gender-specific.

Oddly, I could get behind “Mom’s night off” before “ladies’ night off”. Naturally, such a special would not be a single medium pizza. I’d also market the “includes paper plates and cups” to truly make it “no cleanup”.

Oh my god, you read my mind. i was thinking of making a post about this, but i wasn’t sure if you guys knew what i was going to talk about already. Appealing to women when it comes to marketing might be more important than you think. I was researched this and did a couple surveys and turns out Marketing to women is more operational based and the kind of impression you leave on them as a customer is very important. So keep everything clean and shiny, and make sure the ladies will have that pretty smile on their face. Don’t forget generally attracting more women could mean attracting more men as well.