Marketing - for a low volume carry out and delivery store (14k/mo) from what single form of advertising would you get the best bang for your buck and what would the frequency of said advertising be ? Thanks

There are way too many variables to give you a concrete answer. What worked best for me was word of mouth but you cant buy that. Fridge magnets are a semi permanent way to get your name out so it sticks around. :lol: I did a magnetic memo board with my menu on the back.

The most bang for your buck would probably be consistent door hanging week after week. Try to get 1000 or out EVERY week. Door hangers are very cheap. You can get full color ones cheap at: http:\

I would door hang. Give away a free 8 cut cheese pizza with any food purchase coupon stapled to the door hanger. Make sure to expire the coupon in 14 days. Before you know it, you are cycling through this and notice coupon redemptions daily. Yes, you take a hit on the free pizza but the law of averages play out here. My last free campaign resulted in a 16% redemption rate and average ticket of 15.23 - I passed out 500 per week for 4 weeks.

If you want, I can send you a pdf file with the coupon so you can print them out on your computer. PM me your logo and store info.


My name is Geofrey Merino and own a pizzeria in Salt Lake City, UT. When you are doing door hangers are you competing with the big chain stores and if not what type of saying are triggering your customers with? I need some ideas to get my dinner crowd to grow. I like the idea of free pizza but how do you get them in the door when the invite is out?

By far and above the best ROI would come from database mailers. You have a customer database (assuming you have a POS, if not that should be your first priority), and you know 3 things: 1. Your customers like pizza, 2. They have enough money to order out, and 3. They eat dinner.

Door hanging is great for new customer generation, and that is a necessary part of your business, but in this economy, customer retention is key to your success. Go pick up a few Seth Godin books. Linchpin is awesome, but in your case:

Permission marketing: turning strangers into friends, and friends into customers.
Free Prize Inside!: The Next Big Marketing Idea.

Both of Kamron Karringtons books will help you in this department.

Back to direct mailers though, these will not only increase your customer purchase frequency, they will also increase your average ticket price. It is also easy to track your results, even if you have to do it manually by entering the returned post cards in an excel page.