Well all, its a New Year! Congrats to everyone that did well this year. This post is for those of us who are using this year to be the year for our business! Which im sure is all of us. What I want to know is, does anyone have a marketing plan, an actual, written out plan that they are willing to share? Be it a Black book plan or something you have created yourself? I am making one right now but I would love to see what you experienced people have! Being a very green pizza owner I sometimes get tired of trying things based on my assumtions and would love to have the eyes of a seasoned owner. What has worked for you? Whats a bomb and should not even be bothered with. Yes I have gleaned TONS of info on PMQ, but what id love to see is an actual written out plan. I am in a large populated area, but only a handfull of people even know im here, that has GOT to change IMMEDIATELY or im dead.
To be completly honest, right now im a basket case. I know these next couple of weeks can be slow in the industry and I cant afford slow, I need to increase and do it quickly or im going to be out of business. I cant let my dream die. Now im not going to be out of business in the near future, im paying the bills, but I really need to get enough business that I can work on my business not in it (sound familiar) I have been batting around the idea of getting the Black Book system. But im wondering if someone has created a plan based on the book and willing to share it rather than me shelling out hundreds of dollars, I honestly can not afford.
I know this post may or may not sound like it, but IM PANICKING! I love all you guys and your great words of advice, but what I need is a hard core kick in the arse! I need a jump start.
Anyone got jumper cables? Im looking for ya! What I would really love is for one of you guys to come out here and see what im doing and help me, but…that isnt going to happen, so…your printed words will be devoured by an adoring fan, ME!
PS, for all the well meaning people out there that suggest I start baking…I cant, long story short, I cant do it, lease, licence, on and on and on, AWESOME Gourmet take-n-bake is my focus. :smiley:

I will post what I’ve been working on later. Most of mine is tied to sporting events or other events I’m trying to host in my dining room, so it might not be as useful for you… But I’m always willing to share.

anything would be great, thanx Scott!

tried emailing you something that might help,
can I get a snail mail address to the business?
think the file was way to big

I will edit this post and explain some more about a few of these events… but this is what I have on the list right now. I’ve also requested info from the Moving Target people who are now doing birthday card mailers, and I will be starting up my new mover’s program again. My partner was supposed to do the new mover mailings himself, but that fell through, so I’m going to contact a company again.

29th Mug Club Launch Party (this already probably won’t happen)

3 - Super Bowl
17 - Daytona 500
23 - 1985 (22nd Anniversary Bobby Knight Chair Throwing)


15 - Saint Baldricks
16 - Selection Sunday
17 - Saint Patricks
18th - 30th March Madness

4 and 6th Final Four and Final game of March Madness
12th - Maybe a FBP goes to watch Bats Baseball day???

30 - 5 Year Anniversary - Oldham County Music Showcase
31 - 5 Year Anniversary - Oldham County Music Showcase

1 - Five Year Anniversary - Oldham County Music Showcase.
Corn Hole Tournaments
Grill Out Weekends?


Fantasy Football Draft Parties
Pick’em Pools

A Ghost Run



I am actually looking at starting a marketing/consulting business for small independent restaurants, video stores and other retail/service businesses and you are just the kind of person I need to use as an example. So here is the deal. I will custom build you a plan for FREE and you tell me at the end of it what was good,bad,worked,didnt work etc
I just need to know a couple of things

  1. What kind of budget do you have to spend on marketing
  2. What are your current sales
  3. Do you have any menus, box toppers,coupons that you are using now and if so what are they
  4. What are you currently doing for marketing

Email me at with the info

Hi, I work for a family owned marketing and print company that specializes in pizza. We have a very simple yet extemely effective database marketing stategy for store owners to increase sales and profit. Based on your store location or stores locations, your database(broken into 5 catagories)and a couple demographic factors along w/your budget we can come up w/an extremely effective long term program to help you in any areas you could use it. We’ve been in business since 1992, and in the last year have invested millions in variable database imaging machinery. Variable database imaging will give any owner an edge by being able to target different customers with different offers in the same mailing. My name is Matt and I will do a free marketing analysis for you at no obligation. You then will understand what I’m talking about way more in depth. Then every month after we will be able to track your sales in a more in depth way than any other option you may be looking into. Contact me atwith any questions. I will be happy to provide you w/credentials, company info etc.(we work w/over 1200 store owners, you may already know us) I am reletively new at this company and have not acquired a large amount of clients yet, which is why I’m taking the time to write on here. Which also means I can offer very personalized service.
I will of course need to speak to you, I will give you my companys’ number w/my extention after you contact me.
Happy New Years!

I will forward you our marketing plan if you PM me a request with your email to send it to.

One quick note…our website has been huge for us as we missed the new phone book listing by a couple of weeks. People find us online easily and we offer specials, coupons, a newsletter, location, etc… We work with an outsourcing company so our website was very affordable.


Vinny, can you share with me some of your marketing work. How do you do your newsletters and how often do you send them? since I’m trying to start one. Also, what company do you use for your website? I have a great online ordering website through, but like to create a new website with static pages and content management tools, so I can be found on search engines.
Thank you Saad.

sorry delayed do to instore issues sent out today!
ps love the picture that you posted

No worries hon, and thanx alot! I look forward to seeing it. Do u like the pic? The one of the pizza? It’s a pic of one of my pizza’s and I added the caption, I think it needs some tweaking but in my highly condensed urban area it would be a big hit, I wonder if I got the guts to post it up, lol

:idea: By the way, we break your database into 5 catagories. I didn’t mean for it to sound like you had to.
matt@se-print is my office email.

Wow…I want to hang out at your place!