Marksman Software - Pizza Computer's - Toledo Ohio

Our POS System is from Pizza Computer’s out of Toledo Ohio. Annually we receive an operations code required for the software. As luck would have it our anniversary came up and no e-mail. It looks like they went out of business. All contact phone numbers are toast and the tech guy I have worked with will not reply to my e-mails. SO, to make a long story short I have LOST all of my sales data for the last 5 years. This really sucks.

Does anyone have experience with their Foxpro based software called “Marksman”? Specifically - HOW can I retrieve the databases and download them into Excel (or similar product).


Hurting puppy in Ohio…

Hire a hacker to create a keygenerator for it? That would be my only suggestion. Definitely not an easy one tho.

Thanks for the QUICK suggestion.

Do you have a back office computer? What does the software run off of? Windows? Dos? Linux? etc etc. Have you gone through all the files and whatnot to see if you can find folders that contain customer databases, sales and such?

I am not sure if this will work but it has with some software that I have used. If you go into the bios of your computer and change the time and date to a previous year and do the same in your windows settings. This may be enough to fool the software and you can rescue your data.

Thanks. Good idea. I will try that. I tried to change the clock but not in BIOS (I’ll have to find someone that knows about that - 'cause that would not be me). At least I’ll be able to dump my sales tax info. Unfortunately the system does not allow downloading of any of the databases. I’ll see if I can at least dump my customer detail to paper. Once again - Thanks - a good idea that hopefully will pan out.

You can access a Foxpro database using Microsoft Access with an ODBC driver.

The biggest question is what are you going to do with the data when you get it? I can’t think of much beyond your customer list that would have any value for you.

The customer data and sales tax info is what I’m looking for BUT I was hoping if I could get the raw data into an uploadable format I could upload the old sales data into our new POS system (which I’m still researching).

THANKS for the info. I will look for someone with Access experience around here.

I have/use access to clean up and organize my database with my system.

Chances are that your sales data will be totally incompatible with a new system. Did you have any success with turning back the date on your computer?