Marsal deck ovens

I would like to know if the Marsal deck ovens would work good for a Chicago style cracker crust. I saw them in Vegas and was pretty impressed. The cooking times seemed great I would like to hear from some actual Marsal users. I need to replace 4 Blodgett 1000 deck ovens that are very tired (35-40-years old).

Thanks in advance,

The Marsal deck oven is indeed a fine oven, but it ain’t the oven of first choice for a Chicago thin crust pizza with a baking time of 25-minutes or a little more. Depending upon size, that would equate to about 12 pizzas per hour. This is why the reel yype ovens are the oven of choice in Chicago. You might want to talk to Ed Heina at Cobblestone Ovens, Inc. at 800-325-0228 / <>.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor