Marsal EDO ovens

Hi! I’ve been lurking for awhile and thought it was finally time to post! I’m opening up in Sept and doing equipment research. I’ve got my heart set on Marsal EDO ovens. I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying new because I havent seen used ones the last month I’ve been looking. I’m thinking thats a good sign! LOL Anyhow…does anyone have these ovens? I’ll be making deep dish and thin crust pizzas, cooked in pans. Would love to hear some opinions.

Welcome aboard! Where 'bouts in TN? I used to work there & owned a place just outside Knoxville city limits…

I’m right in between Nashville & Knoxville. North of Cookeville. I’m a transplant…moved down here from Minnesota and I love it!

Hi Ally:

Are you an experienced deck oven operator?

It takes considerable time and training to bake in a deck oven.

George Mills

I spent 4 years burning myself on a double stack of ancient Blodgetts :slight_smile:

I’ve worked with all of the different deck ovens including the Marsal decks and they will work just fine for the types of pizza that you are proposing. Just don’t get too carried away with the amount of vegetable toppings on your pizzas. If your claim to fame will be more toppings makes a better pizza you might be better served with an air impingement oven. In many cases we find that deep-dish pizzas are best made in a deck oven when a screen is placed under the pan, this allows for a longer bake without getting excessive bake to the bottom of the pizza.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks Tom! My claim to fame will be the fantastic, fresh made sauce and dough! Besides 2 gas stations, there is only one pizza place in my county and it has horrible pizza. It is a thin, soft, chewy, greasy mess. They cook it in a conveyor, but it still takes 40-50 mins to get one done. I’m actually buying the recipes from a small franchise in Iowa…these peeps from Tennessee don’t know what they have been missing! I have an awesome location, tons of traffic, no rent for the space and I live in a county that only requires an inspection from the health dept and fire chief! No crazy codes and no permits required.

Buying your recipes??? Unless they’re dirt cheap any of us here can help you develop your recipes (formulas) at no cost, or just look through the RECIPE BANK. Dough is easy as there are only a few ingredients, and sauce, well I think too many people are trying to make rocket fuel rather than pizza sauce, simple/basic is better. If there is dried basil and/or oregano in the sauce, it will taste just like any other sauce (tip: use only fresh basil and garlic to flavor your sauce), or try this, open a can of tomato filets, drain for 15-minutes, apply a VERY LIGHT coating of olive oil on the dough skin, add a few basil leaves, some fresh garlic, then apply some of the tomato filets, don’t go for full coverage, leave some space between each filet, then top with a fresh, peeled (not diced, shredded, or cut) mozzarella cheese, put it on in splotches (a very scientific term) and then finish with about 1-ounce of shredded parmesan cheese for a 12-inch pizza. The parmesan cheese adds depth and complexity to the cheese flavor. It looks gourmet, and it tastes great, and best of all you will never be compared to any of the big box pizza stores.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I just wanted to take a minute to thank Tom Lehmann. His answer above is typical … he has always taken his time to share his vast accumulation of knowledge with anyone who asks. I’ve been reading his advice and council here since 2010, and his thoughts have saved time and money for us, while helping to present a pie that we serve with pride. Thanks, Tom.

PS: Ally, if you aren’t familiar with Mr. Lehmann and his background, just Google him. The guy is instant credibility in my book.

I guess saying I’m buying the recipes sounded a little odd. This is a franchise in Iowa…best pizza EVER :slight_smile: The owners are like family and their daughter has been my best friend for 30 years. So instead of me doing the whole franchise thing, I am getting the dough/sauce recipes for a fraction of the price. Plus they are coming here for a couple weeks to work with me :slight_smile: Also…that pizza you described sounds delicious! Fresh basil is one of my favs but I always put it on after the pizza is cooked. Doesnt it burn if you put it on before?

Hi Ally… I live in Iowa. Started a pizza place in Adair, Iowa in May 2012. I would like to know of this franchise to give it a try to see how good it it. Best pizza in Iowa IMO is Zenos in Marshalltown. I had some tutelage from them to help me.
Maybe I have missed this place you speak of, but I would love to try it. I eat pizza everywhere.

The original one is in Fredericksburg, it’s called Pizza Palace…best pizza ever! There are 10 others scattered throughout the state, but almost all of them have changed their name to something different.