Marsal Hot Spots

I have a double stack Marsal MB-60. The lower oven started having a hot spot, about three months ago. Not a big deal, but now it has become fairly severe. Now the top oven is starting to get one as well. These ovens are about two years old. Marsal claims it is a leak in the doors over the phone. This does not make any sense with where the hot spots are. Anyone ever had this experience?

Tell us more about it.

  1. What temperature are you baking at?
  2. Do you have any sugar, milk or eggs in your dough formula if so, how much?
  3. Do you bake directly on the oven hearth or on a pan or screen of some type?
  4. Exactly where in the oven is the hot spot located?
  5. Have you mapped your oven deck with a non-contact, infrared thermometer? This will pick out hot spots in a heart beat.
  6. Do you experience the hot spot all the time?
    The answers might help us identify the problem.
    Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor