Marsal MB-60 input advice

First time poster, newbie.

We are in the process of researching brick oven ovens for our new Brewery+Pizza Taproom concept.

We are leaning towards a double stacked MB-60 by Marsal. I am also looking at the Wave oven by Marsal on top with an MB-60 below, but seems like it would be more difficult to manage for staff.

I have read good things about the Marsal MB-60. We want to offer a NY style or Neapolitan style crust. I was originally thinking wood fired, but want easier and simpler.

We want to market the pizza as “Brick Oven Pizza” or “Artisan Brick Oven Pizza”. I like “brick oven pizza” better than “hearth baked pizza” sound.

Advice and input appreciated.

if $$$ were no object, I’ve fallen in lust with the rotating deck WFO…pretty easy to operate and FAST!

For decks, I like Bakers Pride and Montague. Haven’t heard many great things about Marsals in years. I’ve since transitioned to a conveyor and love when the ignorants say “you can’t make a good pizza in a conveyor oven”. I laugh and smile and ask them how they liked their pizzas from my kitchen…they typically reply something along the lines of “they’re great cause you’re old school and use the old school deck ovens”…NOPE! Just learned how to make deck oven pizza in a conveyor and it’s waaaaaay less headache, takes less skilled employees, and my conveyor does triple the business per hour. We make crispy thin, caramelized pan crusts, and traditional Chicago deep dish all in my conveyor oven and they’re legit!

Joe above said it all.
George Mills