Marsal or Bakers pride DECK ovens?

I used to love bakers pride but after using the marsals they cook so much more even… what are all you deck oven guys using? have any of you ever tried a Marsal oven?? The burners run oppisite of a bakers pride and allow for a more even faster cook with little to no rotation of the pie… im considering swapping out the BP 6 pies that are in the place im going to buy and going with marsals… just want some input from you guys


I have been really impressed with the Marsal ovens. I wouldn’t say that they really bake that much faster, but they do not require the turning of the pizza like so many of the other deck ovens do. Also, it’s hard to beat the price. I give them a “thumbs-up”.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Mike, just wanted to let you know that I have been in the pizza business over 20 years,also from L.I. and had been a bakers pride loyalist.8 years ago I toured the Marsal operation w/Richard(the owner) and was very impressed.I now have 3 pizzerias in N.C. that all use Marsals and I probably wouldn’t go back.These ovens can handle a large load w/o giving up on the bake like the BP’s have a tendency to do.They also cook a crisper pie than the BPs,It takes a little dough adjustment but its worth it. hope I helped! Vincent

ok so what did you guys pay for your marsals? i got a price for MB42s stacked 12,500 is that good? thats with out the brick face … i would have to get that done

i use blodgett there ok

what adjustments did youhave to make toyour dough for the marsal ovens?

In my old store we had a blogett double decker, that cooked pretty damn good and I miss it. We could load it up and get through 1500 dollar hours using both ovens. Now I have a lincoln 1000, a small thing. It cooks pretty good but when I work make with my cooks we are too fast for it, even using both ovens. I’ve worked in other stores that had middleby marshall ovens, they work okay too but are a bitch to clean.

Bakers Pride ovens bake much quicker and have much better recovery that the Marsal ovens. We baked large pies in the BP Y-600 in 8 minutes while it took 10 minutes in the MB-60 and 12 minutes in the SD1060. After repeated use the Marsal is very slow to recover while the BP ovens are quicker. The Marsal MB-60 doors are too hot and clunky. Marsal’s claim that pies do not be turned is simple a marketing gimmic and not true in a real restaurant. Bakers Pride requires less turning and bakes far more evenly.

We tried the Marsal ovens and they didnt last because they are made from sheet metal and screwed and rivited together. After a few short years we went back to the Bakers Pride ovens becasue that last for decades, not years.

Marsal’s have worked for me!