Marsal wave oven

Does anyone out there know anything about the new marsal wave oven? I just noticed they added it to there website and claim it can reach temps of over 900f. I would appreciate any information or opinions on this oven.

I saw the link on their site but it was not working correctly at the time. Other than that have only seen a pic or two. Looks like going head to head with BP’s offerings. I am very interested in what they can do! :idea: Need to email the guys over there and get a spec sheet or pdf on it.

Nine hundred degrees sounds like a potential for many burnt pizzas.

At five hundred fifty degrees a few seconds extra left in the oven can darken the crust beyond what most buyers prefer at nine hundred the margin for error must be even greater.

George Mills

George, one of my new fav pizza shops has a wood fired oven and you do see the occational burnt pie but they actually really have trained oven tenders. These guys and the best is this 18yo girl that busts her a$$ when it gets busy. Place is full service with a short but sweet ital menu. Has a real chef in the kitchen and super high quality products but prices are in the middle and casual atmosphere. All the pizzas are 12" or so and bake in 90 seconds. Not to rip on Woodstone because I know it is the restaurant and not their oven… but another place in town has one of their $40k monsters but they have no clue still how to cook with it. Now it has been months since we last went there… they went a different route… mid-range ingredients and super high prices… with ok food covered up with highend alcohol! I mean an app… couple drinks each…and a pizza for $80-90!!! Ok for the occational meal if it was great… but now 0-3 in satisfaction in both food and service. Oh, the other oven at the good place has no name and looks formed in place. However they did it… it has working a/c and ventilation…as the place has 14’ ceilings and even just this past week with temps at 102 the 2500 sq ft dining / bar area was cool and I have never had a “smokey” experience. Have seen that smoking burnt pie… but rare.

The high temp is actually what I’m going for. I have a ny style pizzeria and I’ve been thinking of adding a napoletana style pizza section to the menu. Because of space issues a dome style oven won’t work for me so that’s why this oven interests me.

Gianni then this set up would work great for you. Their MB series on the bottom would be great for your NY style and the Napo type up top! I just checked out their website and I see it is working now. Has a bit of info. If I were you give Rich (631) 226-6688 a call there and have a chat. They always seemed very helpful and quick to respond to inquiries.

Thanks for the number I’ll be giving him a call shortly.