Masks in 93 degree kitchen

We have a very small kitchen. Carry out only. It’s 93 degrees in there. My workers may suffocate!!!

In a similar position myself. I talked it over with the staff, who were almost unanimously against it. Ultimately I decided I will provide masks for them to use, if they choose, and will encourage the use of them, but will NOT make it mandatory.

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How are your customers responding to that?

93 degrees is cool to me. I make all our pizzas and tend 2 deck ovens and wear a mask. I never get away from the ovens as we have been doing 120% of normal since the virus started. The first 2 weeks I got dizzy a few times. Many customers made us masks, my wife bought dozens online, and we have found ones that fit our head ok. The worst part other than the breathing is the back of the ears where the straps go can get pretty irritated. Now it is ok much like a new puppy fights a leash and eventually surrenders to it :slight_smile: . Nobody likes wearing one and all staff have to wear masks to work with us. Our state, Nevada, has opened up restaurants to dine in. We will not open to dine in until the virus is dead and gone. We are going to do our moral part to decrease deaths and being inconvenienced with wearing a mask is part of it.

Customers can only enter if they are wearing a mask. We do curbside pickup. We have not had any problems so far and gotten apologies if people try to come in without one. I am getting an official looking sign tomorrow that says - mask required to enter with a picture of a face with a mask on it. Our customers have been wonderful and support us helping to decrease the virus.

Fri night our temps were up there too and although it sucked masks are mandatory for all employees. We do not allow any public entry into our store and all vendors must wear masks as well. Maybe time to add a split AC system to help with temps?

We have a conventional ac system, but in the kitchen, blowing directly toward the oven is an AC wall unit by carrier. Hottest our kitchen gets with that on is 83

what model? how did you vent it?

It’s a carrier wall unit. It was put in during our build out so I don’t know the inner workings of it