Material that pizza dough/balls will never stick

I have a project an wanted to know from peoples experience what materials
that dough will not stick too…if any?
Thank You

Here is a non-caloric, silicon based kitchen lubricant.

Thats old school…I was thinking along the lines of nanotechnology coatings

Rofl one of my favorite movies

it sort of depends on the hydration, and how long your ferment it. Right?

Dough doesn’t stick to oil. Oil the dough ball, stuff it into a plastic bag for a couple of days and it plops right out. Problem solved.
There might be some special application, nano technology, material out there that works as good or better than oil but I bet it would cost a lot more resulting in a poor ROI unless you absolutely had to have the unique properties (whatever they might be) offered by the “miracle release agent”.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor