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an 18inch pizza is what percent bigger than a 14 inch pizza?
I THINK its 28% but thats just an edjucated geuss

A 14" is 60% of an 18" the formula to calculate this is ((7X7X3.14)/(9X9X3.14))X100

An 18" is 165% of a 14" just reverse the numerator and the denominator.

Area of a circle is (pie) 3.14 X radius squared. So a 14" is 154 sq in and an 18" is 254 sq in. So an 18" pizza is actually 65% larger than a 14" pizza. Quite a difference.

Circle Calculator
Area of a circle:

A = πr2

A 14 in. Pizza has a 7 in. radius.

A = πr2
A = 3.14159 x (7 Squared)
A = 153.93804 square inches

A 18 in. Pizza has a 9 in. radius.

A = πr2
A = 3.14159 x (9 Squared)
A = 254.469 square inches

153.93804 square inches divided by 254.469 square inches = 1.653

The 18 in. pie is 65% bigger than the 14 in. pie.

Whenever anybody talks about this I like to point something out: If you are using this for costing analysis or for calculating portioning you need to take into account how big of a crust rim you leave on the edge. An 18" pizza will only have 17" of cheese and toppings if you leave a half-inch rim around the pizza.

I ran into this problem while trying to extrapolate ideal cheese and topping weights based off of my 10" pizza.

Save money… 3" crust from now on! :stuck_out_tongue:

What and rename ourselves Dominohut ?? :wink:

With a really good dough recipe and the right marketing twist…

Don’t laugh, there’s a pizza place here that’s pretty close already! They sell large pizzas for $4.49, and I think you get a prize if you can hold it down for more than an hour.

Uh, oh…my secret is out. Our crust is really big and braided, it takes about 3" off the full diameter so my 16" only has about 13" of actual cheesed space. But, we send it with honey or other dipping sauces so the crust is basically breadsticks too.

Genius. Pure genius.

If your regular 16" is $12.99, you should charge $16.99 for this… because the customer is getting pizza and breadsticks.

Rockstar: How do you determine the area of a pizza?
TT: Pi r squared
Rockstar: My pie aren’t square.


I just had a moment of genious here… a big ole 6" bowl of dippin’ sauce in the middle of the pizza? That and the 3" crust…damn…I think we are down to about 3 oz of cheese per 18" pizza and about 8 pepperoni’s or so! :mrgreen: KA-CHING!