Mayweather fight

What should we expect. First big fight as an owner. Certainly the most hyped fight I can remember.

people will camp out for hours…good sales for sports joynts…

Interested to know how much you have to pay and how big of a place you have?

Oh no, I’m a DELCO. Just wondering if sales will be higher.

There’s a fight ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a small 18-seat place and they said it’d be $3,000! Based off occupancy. Makes no sense. Eff that!

“Well sir you must pay the $50 cover charge before you order your $12 pizza.”

3 gs!!!you gotta be kidding me. What a joke man, maybe if your a 100 seat sports bar that might make sense…maybe

Holy mother of baby Jesus. I wont be calling Directv to inquire then!!!

Non-issue for us.

the bar across the street from us is the only place within 100 miles playing the fight, and it is our season opener for fishing, so we plan to get killed from both ends

we got some advanced orders and a few caterings, this should be a good night!

Nothing special on my end, and from the looks of the bar up the street, the $3K they spent to get the fight on TV there isn’t looking like its paying off for them.

Interesting article. Seems they charge right about 30ish per person for any bar/venue that holds more than 100 people, and a base cost of 3,000 for any venue that holds less. I just don’t see how you could make money unless you have a 20.00 cover charge and a location that holds more than 100 people, but even then your relying on a packed house and everyone buying at least 4 drinks.
And is it really worth all the trouble/work…

We had some early advanced orders too and got lit the rest of the night. Record day of sales (only open 6 months but still)!

Was there a fight? Who won?

Yes, as one twitter response I saw wrote that…“the winner is…MMA”…